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Does your company produce timber as a waste stream?

Mid Sussex Wood Recycling Project can dispose of your timber waste in an environmentally beneficial way that is 30-40% cheaper than traditional methods.

We are a Social Enterprise; a not-for-profit environmental group that is financially self-supporting. Our income is derived from the charges we make for our collection service and from sales of wood and wood products. Any surplus is reinvested in order that we can continue to provide a vital environmental service to the Mid Sussex area.
Our sustainable and ethical business model has placed us as at No. 6 in the RBS SE100 Index for the Recycling and Environment Sector in the UK.

This short video tells you more about us and what we do...

Please contact us for free impartial advice regarding waste timber disposal solutions. 

For information regarding recycling of non-wood items this link will provide some useful information.

According to WRAP, around 4.5 million tonnes of waste wood arises in the UK each year , with 2.3 million tonnes currently recycled or used to create energy and approx 1.2 million tonnes being sent to landfill.
In Europe we produce approx. 350 million wooden pallets and packing cases annually.


Registered in England. Registration No. 6018556

Registered with the Environment Agency. Waste Carrier Licence: CBDU99614

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